Show us how you have combined creativity and technology in your life. Each month, a winner will be chosen and featured in an interview published thorughout our network of blogs, magazines, and news. Just post a picture to Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #ArtTechFusion and #CulturecastAgency and we will do the rest! All (tasteful) submissions will be featured here on our site! Show us your creations. Show us your innovations. Show us who you are!

What should I submit?

Option 1: You use technology to create art.

Are you using high tech tools graphic design? web design? paint? sculpt? etc?

Are you using welding equipment and power tools to produce sculptures for your clients as an architect? Are you an AutoCAD expert?

Option 2: You use art in your tech workplace?

Do you use creative processes to solve technical problems?

Does your workspace involve motivation through creative decor? Are you playing video games to stimulate your productivity?

Now what?

Take a photo of the servers running your office with a neat filter! Combine a photo of your computer cables with a photo of the projector they connect to, projecting a slideshow that you used to add visuals to your presentation. Get creative. There’s creative and technological fusion all around us!

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