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Project Description

In 2015, Eliza Solender partnered with Culturecast Agency to produce a new website design for Solender Hall Commercial Real Estate, as well as provide continue maintaining and updating the site for years to come.

Culturecast Agency proudly presents, a beautiful design by Culturecast Agency Creative Principal Jonas Dominique. The site features the signature color scheme and striped patterns used in Solender Hall’s famous logo, seen around Dallas on large commercial real estate signs.

“Designing the site, I had to break ties with my ideas of what a real estate site should be,” said lead designer, Jonas Dominique. As opposed to residential real estate, commercial brokering doesn’t involve hundreds of properties or an IDX platform. Instead, this is a very personalized, very straightforward site that allows for consumers to visit multiple times and find the resources they need easily and in a very sophisticated setting.”

The website launched on in 2015. Culturecast Agency looks forward to many more projects with this esteemed client.

Project Breakdown

Web Site Design 70%
Graphic Design 30%

Web Designer

Jonas Dominique
Jonas DominiquePrincipal, Creative Director

Project Details

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