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Project Description

In June 1016, Fisher Construction of Odessa, Texas partnered with Culturecast Agency to produce a new website design and development as well as provide web hosting services.

Culturecast Agency proudly presents, a beautiful design by Culturecast Agency Creative Principal Jonas Dominique. The site features various animated elements that are inspired by the construction equipment used by Fisher for their work. “The homepage, which we presume will be the busiest landing page for the site, features a drill animation as you scroll down the page, using premium high-resolution imagery that moves left and right in a parallax as the page moves,” says Dominique.

“This is not our first client in West Texas. We designed a web site that we currently host for Blue Sky Agrisource, and our attention to detail paired with vivid imagery and custom graphics are what led them to refer us to this wonderful new client,” says Account Executive for this project and Technology Principal Calen Bedford.


The website launched on 6/23/2016 with a new (dot)org URL and domain. Culturecast Agency looks forward to many more projects with this esteemed client.

Project Breakdown

Web Site Design 75%
Web Hosting 5%
Graphic Design 20%

Account Executive

Calen Bedford
Calen BedfordPrincipal, Director of Technology

Web Designer

Jonas Dominique
Jonas DominiquePrincipal, Creative Director

Project Details


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