The Beginning of Culturecast Agency

Culturecast Agency now lives in New Orleans, Dallas, Washington DC, and will soon even be in Atlanta! But where did this sprawling and dynamic group come from?

Did you know that Culturecast was created in Houma, LA? Do you even know where Houma is? A bayou city about 45 minutes south of New Orleans, Houma is the epicenter of tug boats, barges, oil booms, and oil busts. It was there that Culturecast Agency was founded. This one fact is so important to the success of Culturecast moving forward.

Why is it important that this company was started in a smaller market?

The company was given the time to organically grow. Every bit of Culturecast’s services offered are a response to client needs. In a larger city, CCAwouldn’t have been ready to handle any of the larger jobs that are now being tackled. By the time Jonas and Calen moved the company to New Orleans, they were overloaded with abilities, many of the kinks were worked out, and they were able to meet the needs of larger clients.

How did the idea come to fruition? What was the inspiration?

As the founder of the Young Professionals of South Louisiana, a group that brought together like-minded activists, business owners, and volunteers within the 21-45 age range in Houma, Jonas was able to network and learn how to network as a profession. It became clear that many of his friends and their companies needed help with social media marketing. Culturecast was born as social media services company, offering content generation and profile management. Houma, being a city full of older aged big wigs, was the perfect breeding ground for a creative agency.

JonasTeamPic “One of my first clients that needed more than social media was Digital Insyte, an IT firm in Houma. We helped them brand their documents and advertising materials as well as their client proposals. It became very clear to me that we weren’t going to turn down a job in those early stages, even if it meant learning a new skill to accomplish it. It was also very eye-opening that a technology company needed to be updated branding. They are on the front lines, updated more so than most of the older oil companies in that area. Yet they needed us too,” says Jonas Dominique, company founder.


Culturecast Agency has a history of mergers. It’s not just about the small town they were founded in. Learn more about that in our next post for the Culturecast Agency Blog on May 26, 2016. 

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About the Author:

Jonas Dominique graduated from Miami University with a Geography degree in Urban Economics and Development and with a Minor in Russian Language. During this time, he was the International Chairman for Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, serving as figurehead for 11,000 undergraduates and more than 200,000 living alumni across the US and Canada. He is currently the Creative Director for Culturecast Agency,LLC, a public relations and design firm in the greater New Orleans and Dallas metroplexes. He served as the Founder/Ex-Officio of THE YP of South LA, and has taken multiple opportunities to serve as a consultant in non-profit and foundation formation and sustainability to local and international organizations, spanning from Russia and Spain to his home state of Louisiana.

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